DrSCADA Automation - from Wellhead to Pipeline & Beyond
VFD being installed to allow DrSCADA pump controller to match pump speed to reservoir inflow.
Signal Convertors - from load cell signal to 4-20 mA for VFD
Heavy oil production site where condensate is blended to meet pipeline shipping specs. Flow computer measurement and system integration using DrSCADA flow computer, including fibre optic comms to producer PLC
Field with CO2 injection - well still flows when pumpjack is down, so customer added block valve to be driven by DrSCADA pump controller. Firmware modified to meet customer needs.
Solar powered controller monitoring gas driven pumpjack.
The wooden pumpjack shown here was in operation in the Wainwright
area of Alberta about 100 years ago. Do you need to update your pumping system to more current technology, that will save you money, and give you more time to breathe?