The family of IP video cameras shown here are typically rated for -30C to +50C, and are high resolution up to 5 megapixel devices, some producing over 1500 TV lines of resolution. These devices support motion detection, and can communicate over Ethernet radio, providing central computers with wireless video surveillance and recording of remote sites. The fish-eye lens supports 180 or 360 degree monitoring, depending upon the style of mounting. Pan, tilt and zoom functions can provide for wide angle or zoomed in views. With your existing radio network supporting both Ethernet and RS-232 access, you can add great value with a small investment of a few cameras, placed at strategic sites in your network. If security is your goal, video recording should be much more useful for prosecuting offenders than mere alarm reports. Recording is also at the central, out of reach of the offender at the site.
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Fish-eye Lens, -10C
35x Zoom